Tuesday, 29 November 2011

The Wedding Ceremony

A wedding ceremony is something truly magical because it is the joining of two completely separate lives into one. Each and every wedding ceremony is completely unique and will be remembered forever by the couple and by those who witnessed the ceremony. Unfortunately those who have never been involved in a wedding or been married themselves, are not aware of the complexity of wedding ceremonies.

Whether the bride and groom plan the wedding ceremony, or they hire a planner to take that burden off their shoulders, the amount of work that goes into the ceremony is astronomical. Not only do all of the guests and participants need to be taken into account and assigned specific roles, but there are often a lot of extra details that tend to play an important role in the ceremony as well.

The participants involved in the wedding vary from each ceremony to the next however there are a few that remain fundamental to any wedding ceremony. The bride, groom, and the person who is marrying them are the three core people in the wedding. Afterwards comes the bridal party, which are the close friends of the bride (usually all female), and the groomsman, who are the close friends of the groom. While each set of parents is in attendance usually, the father of the bride is traditionally set to walk his daughter down the aisle and hand her off to the groom. Other participants can include the ring bearer and flower girl, both of which are generally young children who walk up the aisle.

On top of the participants and all of the guests that are attending the wedding ceremony, there is also a variety of decorative details and additional features that require a lot of attention. Depending on where the ceremony is being held, the bride often coordinates the decorations for the ceremony with the colors in her flowers and bridesmaid dresses. Decorations can range from simple flowers at the ends of seating rows, to an elaborately decorated arch and even a beautiful runner that goes up the aisle for the bride to walk on. 

Additional features that tie into the wedding ceremony are music and location. The infamous Bridal Chorus is traditionally played while the bride walks down the aisle however there is often times music before she walks down. Lastly the location of the ceremony is vitally important; whether the bride chooses to have a destination wedding at a beach or even a traditional wedding at a church, the location will affect everything from seating and decoration, to music and even the attire of participants.

After all of the anticipation, stress and planning, the wedding ceremony commences and all of the components, even the smallest of details, come together as one just as the bride and groom do. The ceremony, no matter where it is at, is a truly special event that is the culmination of hard work, effort, and represents the two people coming together as one during the event.

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